How Do You Find A Solid Academic Writing Service?

If you have a major paper to turn in for high school, college or a graduate class and you feel overwhelmed or too busy to write your own paper, or if your time is limited or you don't think your paper will be satisfactory, one option is to choose an academic writing service.

How do you find a solid academic writing service? You want to find one that is reputable, that will give you an above average paper. After all, you are paying for this service and, possibly, staking your reputation or graduation on this paper.

  • The first place to check is with your school. A lot of colleges have writing centers; they won't write the paper for you, but they will help you create a good paper.

  • If that's just not an option for you, do a web search for “academic writing services.” You'll come up with lots of search results—31 million in one search today. So many choices! Now what?

  • Read the webpage—all of it. If the language on the web page looks like it's been translated from a foreign language, like an instruction manual for an electronic device, this is probably not the website for you. If the site contains language that looks like someone used a thesaurus, found a synonym that sounded lofty and, perhaps, educated, and used that word instead of a more common word, you probably don't want that service either. Even if you aren’t writing your own paper, you want the language and word choice to sound naturally like your own. For example: “Apparently, you will not be want your papers to be containing language that is bombastic and profound difficult to understand.” (I had a hard time writing this awkward sentence, but it is very much like some of the sentences I saw on webpages advertising writing services.)

  • Check the pricing. Some writing services advertise prices ranging from $16.50—per page for a high school level paper—up to more than $1500 for a dissertation. Prices depend on deadlines, length, and whether or not they have an expert on your topic. Like most purchases, you will get what you pay for, so be selective, and be prepared to pay.

  • Some essay writing services also provide proofreading and editing, so that once you've written your paper they can offer a proofreading service. This is a service you can get for free at your College's Writing Center.

As a side note: many sites advertise services for the United States and the United Kingdom. It’s important to know that US English and UK English are not the same: spelling is different, idioms are different, common usage is different. So be wary; be very very wary.

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