5 Points To Consider When Writing An Essay About A Good Teacher

Writing occupies a significant portion of most educational programs and they continue being a major part of most fields, even after schooling. As in any subject, not everyone gets it the first time around and this can be said about essay writing as well. Many students are competent in all other language areas except composition writing but this shortcoming can easily be overcome.

When writing an essay, the writer must pay attention to several important aspects, from topic selection to content and conclusion, each part is equally important. Good teachers are hard to find but when you do find one, you know it. Scrutinizing the personalities required of good teachers and analyzing them from a scientific perspective will help you to easily complete a paper on any good teacher you know.

The following points will outline several characteristics of a good teacher that you should include in your essay:

  1. Personality
  2. Not everyone is the same, so naturally, every teacher you encounter will be different. Based on your own experience and knowledge, try to group the different personalities you consider the best for teaching. While these may not be the only defining factor that determines a good teacher, it’s a good place to start.

  3. Professional conduct
  4. As profession teaching is highly valued and teachers are always granted a certain level of respect. This does not mean that all teachers are professional and this can both good or bad for the students. Outline where you would draw the line between being a strictly professional teacher and a good one.

  5. Experience
  6. While it is true that some people are natural teachers, not every teacher starts off being good at their job. Show how significant is experience in determining a teachers ability to do their job effectively.

  7. Compassion
  8. We all have our own experiences and these things often determine who were are. Most successful people understand that learning to work with the differences that exist among people can make a big difference in their performance. Discuss the value of compassion to teachers and students.

  9. Motivation
  10. We all need a job in order to be able to survive in organized society and so many teachers enter the profession because of this reason, while others are driven by a strong desire to make a difference. Show the impact these different forms of motivation can have on a teacher’s ability to perform well.

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