Sexualization Of Young Girls Through Social Media

The issue of girls being sexualized has been there for a long time now. It is believed that girls are at a greater risk than boys. This may be true but with emerging trends, care should be taken and boys should also be involved in protection programs. The issue of girls being sexualized is substantially linked with the influence of images and messages that go through the social media. With the increase in technology, many girls are even at a greater risk than ever before. Many girls are now sending many images of themselves to their friends. Some of these images are explicit and feature girls are exposing their parts of the body. Most of them consider it fun and it is until they get themselves into awkward positions because of these images that they understand how much it can affect their lives.

Effects of Sexualization

Cases of girls taking up their lives have been reported almost around the world. Most of the times it is because girls cannot manage to cope up with the stress that they get after their relationships fail. Most men want to blackmail girls with inappropriate images of them that they have. Some post these images in the social media. This is very traumatizing and it leads to many girls taking their lives. At other times, ladies want to get bodies like those of the models used in advertisements and in the media. Ladies think that these are the ideal bodies and will do anything to get like such. This leads to many problems for those that do not have these body traits. Some develop eating disorders. Some girls will have a low self-esteem and may eventually lead to depression.

How to deal with this problem?

The best way to help is to try and change how ladies see or feel about themselves. Parents should be on the forefront to create a positive attitude in the young girls. Mothers should avoid throwing demeaning statements about the body shape of other women. When a girl is still young, she should be taught the importance of valuing a relationship. That way she will understand that nudity does not build any relationship but instead is an abuse to an individual. The appropriate curriculum should be put in place. These will teach girls how to make and keep good friends. The teaching should also focus on helping a girl to respect herself. Through these measures, we could reduce greatly the cases of young girls being abused.

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