Picking Essay Topics Successfully: A Helpful Guide For Rookies

Are you stuck badly with your research paper? Do you feel it’s time to call it quits as you cannot find a great essay topic to write on? Well, it happens to many writers, especially rookies like you, as they do not know where to find the best topics to write on. In case you are stuck in an endless loop and you cannot find your way out, here are some tips that will come useful for you for sure.

Search in online journals

Search in online databases where you can find a whole lot of samples. Modify the titles of these peer-reviewed research papers to make one of your own. Also, while searching these databases, do your own research outside to see if you can find enough information on the topic even outside the database. If you have login credentials, log in to your account and read specific parts of the research paper or read it in its entirety to find topic ideas.

Search in online libraries

Online libraries also allow you to access a vast database of similar articles without doing the legwork, which translates into zero hassles for you. If you have access to your college e-library, visit the library when you get time and find the research papers that are already peer-reviewed. Do not get topics from research papers and dissertations that are not yet peer-reviewed. You can also visit a public library.

Ask your mentor

As a last resort (for some people, it’s the first option although), talk to your mentor who is undoubtedly the best person to help you in this regard. Especially if you are a rookie, your mentor would b able to help you out with his expert tips and topic suggestions. Do not vacillate to ask for relevant samples from previous years and it is quite likely that your mentor would be happy to share these samples with you. Do not also forget to ask your classmates for samples.

Approach an agency

You might not be aware of the fact that there are quite a few academic writing agencies that help high-school students in finding really high-scoring essay topics. Talk to an agency to see if they have relevant samples in their database. You may need to sign up on the website of an academic wring assistance agency but that’s a relatively small process, compared to the magnitude of your school project.

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