Overcoming Fear

One of the greatest qualities in a man, according to Aristotle is courage. He wrote: “Courage is the 1st of the human virtues because all others are made possible because of it.” Today, times are very different. Courage is waning in the human spirit. Today, courage is ruled by fear. It is important to take the time to cultivate your courage and to understand your fears. Once you do this, you can make better decisions with a stronger fortitude. It is a real struggle for human kind to act in a courageous manner in their daily lives. Relevant research shows that it’s not just about facing the fear. It is also about learning to cope with the risks associated with uncertainty. With practice and effort you can develop your courage to be stronger than your fear. But where do you start?


Expose yourself to criticism and failure. Fall down, but continue to get back up. Dare to be great. First consider what is holding you back. What is the fear standing in front of you? Why do you want to conquer it? What walls have you thrown up to protect your vulnerability? It’s not easy to put yourself out there, but it is where you will become most alive. Vulnerability and courage are close cousins. They are very important to surviving our daily lives.

Acknowledge Fear

You will find difficulty in conquering your fears if you don’t face them head on. You have to be honest with yourself about what it is you really fear the most. You must first understand your own anxiety and your limitations. Appropriately express your emotions, desires, thoughts, and feelings. Acknowledge the risks and fears and move forward one step at a time.

Be exposed to your fear

When dealing with fear, there is only one way out and that is to go through. One of the best ways you can banish your fear forever is to take on and face what you are most afraid of. Repeated exposure will lessen your fears.

Effectively manage your stress

Fear and stress go hand in hand. The roots of stress are based on fear. You build up an emotional or physical threat such as a fear of failing, or not being able to complete your work by a specific deadline for example. Stress can bring negative feelings into focus such as anxiety and depression that further contribute to thoughts that are fear based. Through meditation and exercise you can reduce your stress, anxiety, and depression. This will also help you face your challenges and minimize your fear.

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