Who Can Help Me To Compose An Essay About Bullying At School

Students are often required to write articles for various school magazines, for which the essay has to be relatable, informative and interesting. Bullying at school, a common topic for school essays, takes up many forms such as physical assault, emotional abuse or even cyber bullying. It is important to use a positive tone and provide solutions as to how to counteract the problem. It ideally begins with the definition, situations of bullying and ways to deal with it. Read on if you need help in finding the perfect people to procure information.

  • School/college counsellor
  • A school counsellor is the best person to ask for help as she deals with cases of bullying every year. Though she might not refer to real-life examples as part of her job, but she can give helpful information on the effects of bullying on children’s minds and how the victims are advised to handle problems with their peers. A counsellor can also introduce you to others who are related to this profession for more information.

  • Schoolteachers
  • Teachers at the primary or secondary level at school are involved in cases of bullying as well. In many schools, they act as personnel who go on rounds during lunchtime to check on mischievous students picking on students for no reason at all. Often trained volunteers or staff are also present in playgrounds and washrooms as these are the places where bullying mostly takes place. It is a good idea to visit such a teacher for information regarding steps being taken at school to avoid such instances.

  • Internet
  • One can always go up to talk to those who have faced such experiences in school, but they should be careful to request in a courteous manner. In return for their help, keep their names private and do not share their experiences with your classmates. The internet can also be a quick option if you don’t want to chase such students. There are also many videos online with teenagers sharing their stories about how it affected them initially but how they decided to fight against their bullies.

  • Student cells
  • Many schools have adopted the programme of a student cell, where a group of students are selected with whom others can share their problems such as bullying. Talking to such a responsible student will tell you about what the student body has done as a whole to address the problem and how students have benefited from it.

    Therefore, composing a general class essay on bullying can be a simple task if you know the right writing service, apart from the internet.

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