Top 4 Little-Known Ways To Find Good Essay Examples

These 4 ways of finding good essay examples may seem to be quite easy but not everyone knows how to use them. Remember that you are looking for good examples so you will need to know that criteria that illustrates a ‘good essay’.

A good easy will meet all of the criteria that have been given in the instructions. It will:

  • Provide a Beginning (setting the scene) that will seamlessly lead into the Main part of the text and all the points summed up in the Conclusion.
  • Ideas will follow a logical progression.
  • The spelling & grammar will be perfect.
  • The work will acknowledge the task that was set.
  • It will have been proofread and edited.
  1. This may seem to be really obvious but when your tutor sets your assignment ask them if they are able to give a few examples. They will probably be able to give you examples for work that previous students have completed. Ask you tutor to talk you through the reasons why the sample they provide is deemed as being ‘good’. They can also share with you samples that are excellent and poor so you will know that level you are expected to achieve.
  2. Look at homework websites. Your tutor may have already have pointed you in the direction of a site that is appropriate for your field of study and for the level you are studying at. Take the time to explore the site as you can usually get some extra tips about essay writing as well as finding some examples of ideal essays. Make sure that is you want to download the sample that it is free.
  3. Ask your friends. They may have written some essays that are really good and may be happy for you to have a look at their work. at the same time they may also be prepared to share some of their ideas and tactics that they use when they are writing essays. Sometimes it is easier to learn some of the tricks to writing a good essay from a friend.
  4. Have a look online for some ‘how to’ videos. These are usually very informative. The videos are usually produced by tutors, teachers or even students. They will produce a sample essay and then talk you through the process. This is usually really good because you can replay the video as many times as you like.

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