Top 10 Essay Topics About Modern Culture And Youth

Youth is a driving force of modern culture. As a matter of fact, youth and modern culture are unimaginable without each other. To be able to get your essay doneget your essay done, you should remember what the most burning issues of modern culture and youth are.

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Modern Culture and Youth: Essay Topics

  1. How does the Internet change our tastes in modern culture?
  2. The Internet is changing people’s attitudes to music, movies and books, which have become more accessible than ever. Analyze those changes. Are they making people’s tastes more refined?

  3. How pervasive are racism and sexism among youth?
  4. Nazi Germany was defeated many decades ago, but are racism and sexism defeated? According to some estimates, they are even on the rise now. Present your opinion on the possible reasons for which young people feel attracted to such radical movements.

  5. How does the music we listen affect our relations with other people?
  6. Different music tastes can really impact our relations, both in negative and positive ways. Go into detail on why it happens.

  7. In what way does social media impact modern youth?
  8. This is the first generation of youth that is taking advantage of social media. Figure out what the pros and cons of this are.

  9. Can pop culture promote social change?
  10. Each generation has its ideals which are invariably reflected in pop culture. But can pop culture really become a driving force for social changes?

  11. How does celebrity worship change our worldview?
  12. People are constantly following the news about celebrities as if they were idols or gods and not human beings with all their virtues and shortcomings. What are the reasons for such interest?

  13. What are the problems of modern youth?
  14. Analyze the problems which are, in your opinion, characteristic for the modern youth specifically.

  15. Drugs and youth.
  16. Drugs are the central topic of many modern songs, performances, etc. How do they affect modern culture and youth?

  17. Do artists have to bear ethical responsibility?
  18. Modern culture changes the way people think and, consequently, act. Should artists be held responsible for depravity?

  19. Piracy and popular culture.
  20. Universal accessibility leads to many artists being deprived of their royalties. Analyze in your paper the moral aspects of piracy.

Other Relevant Ideas

There are many ideas you might pick for an essay about modern culture and youth. Think, for example, about the relations between modern youth and their parents. Relations between generations have never been easy, but now they seem to be especially problematic. You could also set forth your views on the impact politics has on modern culture or explore the ways computer games affect the behavior of youth.

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