Coming Up With a Strong College Essay Topic Sentence Quickly

Essays have become the most common form of homework, where the student is required think out of the box and provide their own opinions regarding a certain subject with the help of prior research and examples. But they are sometimes at the loss to choose an appropriate topic for their essay – should the topic be long, or what should it comprise the essay in a few words? A topic sentence should ideally just tell us what the essay is about, and our viewpoint. To help you choose a good topic, check the points given below.

Express the main idea of the assignment

The topic should bring out the essence of the essay without giving all the essential information at the beginning. The topic should not to be too long or difficult to understand, and must simply state the subject of the essay. For example, replace “I will talk on Shakespeare’s contribution on the English language” simply with “Shakespeare’s contribution to the English Language. It should be terse and comprised within a few words. Avoid using ‘I’ or introducing yourself at any point of the essay.

It should be attractive to the reader

Begin your essay with an anecdote, a dialogue, or ask a thought-provoking question to draw the reader’s attention to the essay. The opening sentence of the work is very important as it can make or break your reader’s interest, so it’s better to keep it short, simple and compact which helps in the flow of the paragraph.

Be specific

Nobody likes a topic sentence which is vague and makes no sense to the reader, who will then discard your work. Just describing your opinion in your topic would not do, instead you have to put forward your reasons in a couple of sentences. Avoid facts and figures as it draws attention away from the essay as they do not introduce the reader to the topic or the problem discussed in the body of the essay.

Explanation is the key

When you state an opinion, it is expected that you will provide some justification for it later on. This is important because you genuinely feel that the opinion holds valid to your judgement. Avoid crowding your essay with aimless information which you would not be expanding on in the course of your assignment. Instead of using simple sentences, try complex or compounded sentences and transitional elements to give depth to the work.

Therefore, these are some of the most important tips you have to keep in mind while coming up with a good topic sentence for your college essay. This resource can help you out if you need more help regarding topic sentences.

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